Develop an application with 3 – 4 custom feature pages on one platform – etiher Web, Windows, Linux or Mac


Application with 3-4 custom feature pages on ONE of the platforms among Web, Windows, Linux and Mac.

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Are you looking for an application developer?

Here we are! a team of professionals (Senior Software Engineers with 5+ years of experience) to develop Desktop Applications, Web Applications, Websites, and Mobile apps according to your requirements/needs.


  1. Desktop application/database application development for Windows, Mac, and Linux
  2. Database design and development
  3. Web Programming / Web applications development of any scale
  4. Mobile app development in both IOS and Android
  5. Responsive website design and development
  6. E-Commerce website development
  7. SEO

Systems Developed:

  1. ERP System
  2. CRM
  3. Leads Management System
  4. School Management System
  5. Medical Solutions
  6. Insurance CRM
  7. QR Code Generator and Scanner
  8. Events/Tasks Management System
  9. Classified Ads Website
  10. E-Commerce websites
  11. Online Audio/Video consultation system

Languages & Technologies:

  1. Windows Form Applications
  2. C# / VB .NET
  4. PHP
  5. JAVA
  6. Crystal Reports
  7. HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, JQuery

We are capable enough for delivering large scale applications. Just send your detailed requirements before ordering, please.

Note: Before ordering, please make sure that the requirements have been discussed properly.

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