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Brand Positioning VS Brand Identity

One of the biggest challenges faced by brands and businesses is getting their marketing strategy right. There are many aspects and concepts to understand for this purpose, but two of them are most important:

  1. Brand Positioning, and
  2. Brand Identity.

Both of them sound familiar but are widely different and play equally important roles in the success of businesses.

Exploring Brand Identity

The image you present to the outside world is your brand identity. It is much deeper than the brand’s logo and its recognizable color schemes. It comprises all the things that come together to form your reputation such as how well you communicate with your customers, marketing materials and the quality of your product or service, and how your frontline staff responds to inquiries.

The Importance of the Right Brand Positioning

Brand positioning refers to where your brand is standing as compare to the rest of the market. For improving the position of your brand, you need to identify your strengths and weaknesses then perform competitive analysis to move your brand up or down the tables.

Growthworx’s CustomizedApproach Towards Brand Positioning

Working with top-notch and highly reputable brands and businesses for many years, Growthworx understands the importance of brand positioning strategy and align your brand positioning strategy as well as identity exceptionally to maximize your brand’s value.

  • Our skilled strategists conduct an internal and external audit to confirm the current image of your brand and generate potential identity and positioning platforms.
  • Potential benefit-based solutions are then created through focused ideation to fulfill customer requirements.
  • Our strategists then develop alternative positioning concepts which are then optimized with customers to increase relevance and differentiation.
  • Different brand action plans are then generated which helps you to identify clear action steps for bottom-line impact.


The 7-Step Brand Positioning Strategy

To create a brand positioning strategy and identity, we first identify your brand’s uniqueness and how is your brand different from others.

There are 7 key steps followed by us to clarify your positioning in the marketplace:

  1. Determining your current position in the market
  2. Identifying your direct competitors
  3. Understanding the positioning of your competitors
  4. Comparison of your positioning to your competitors to identify your uniqueness
  5. Developing a workable and value-based proposition idea
  6. Creating a brand positioning statement
  7. Testing the effectiveness of your brand positioning statement

Brand Positioning Statement and How it is Created

A brand positioning statement is a two to three sentence declaration that communicates your brand’s message to the customers in relation to your competitors.

Our skilled teams devise a best-in-class brand positioning statement that influences the tagline of your brand thus showcasing a positive brand identity.

The four essential elements of a brand positioning statement are:

  • The information about your target customers, their interests, perspective, and which aspects of your brand will attract them
  • The relevance of your brand to the customers and what type of market is your brand competing in
  • The most compelling benefit of your brand so that the customers choose you over your competitor
  • The most convincing evidence about your brand which depicts why should a customer choose you over your competitor

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