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Every brand needs good, effective promotion to put their products out in the market. Good advertising is key to having your business reach its full potential, because it is ads that help you attract customers towards your products.

In today’s heavily competitive market, without advertisement, consumers won’t ever know that your product is even available in the market. Your product won’t stand out from that of your competitors and will often be overlooked on the shelves.

The business industry has a lot of different tools available for the advertisement of their brands and their products, such as:

  • Banners;
  • Newspaper Ads;
  • Magazine Ads;
  • Posters;
  • Billboards; and
  • Brochures

Advertising brochures are paper-based documents, in various shapes and sizes. They are designed with a commercial intent, and market enterprises and their products effectively. One of the oldest tricks in the industry, using brochures is considered to be one of the most powerful physical marketing tools!

Fortunately, with Growthworx, you can get these tools for yourself.

Get A Brochure, Personalised to Your Brand

Are you looking for professional graphic artists to design the most professional advertising brochure for your brand? Then you’ve come to the right place. Growthworx offers the highest quality of professionally and efficiently made brochures, just for you!

When you get in touch with us, first and foremost, we will ask you for all your requirements:

  • What is your budget?
  • What is your ideal size and shape?
  • Do you want a pamphlet-like brochure, or a folded brochure?
  • What colour theme would you like?
  • What concept would you like to represent?
  • Do you want the brochure to be modern and minimal, or traditional and artsy?

At Growthworx, we prioritize what you want, because at the end of the day, it is you who must be satisfied. During consultation, we will of course provide you with advice and suggestions as well.

Various Types of Brochures, Available at Your Doorstep

There isn’t just one kind of brochure. There are various types, such as:

  • Trifold
  • Z-fold;
  • Parallel fold;
  • Roll fold;
  • Single or double gate fold; and
  • Half fold.

Whatever kind you are looking for, we offer them all for our customers.

  1. Package A: Up to 5 pages – bi-fold brochures with simple and to-the-point details;
  2. Package B: Up to 10 pages – trifold and z-fold brochures including company profile, annual reports, etc;
  3. Package C: Up to 15 pages – any and all kinds of brochures, according to your preference.

Why Choose Growthworx?

Growthworx provides uniqueness to its customers. Our team of graphic designers are experts in generating beautiful typography, a skill many claim to have, but can’t actually pull off. If you aren’t satisfied with what we have designed for you, you can ask for any revision, and we will get it done for you.

The images we use that aren’t provided by you will be royalty-free stock images, so at no point will you have to worry about any copy-right infringements either. You can trust us thoroughly!

Moreover, not only are we cost-effective, but also highly efficient in what we do, and you won’t experience any delays with us. You will get all the original files, as well as the AI, EPS, PDF and PNG formats, of the finalised design in a zip file, along with all the fonts used for you to make use of in the future for other advertisements.

Contact us now and let’s get to work on the ideal print-ready brochure for your company!

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