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What is a GIF Banner Ad?

GIF banners are animated or static images containing images and texts and carry .gif extension. Animated GIFs comprises of several images that are displayed one after the other thus creating a sense of motion. A GIF banner is better than a picture and takes less time to create than a video.

Almost all brands and businesses take the help of animated GIF banner ads for marketing purposes. These banners are placed across multiple websites and social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to increase brand awareness and recognition.

For your brand to shine bright among others you need the perfect mix of advertising and marketing to create a unique and impactful image of your brand in the hearts and minds of your consumers. This means you need personalized and appealing GIF banner ads.

Growthworx can help you accomplish just that.

Pros of Using GIF Banner Ads

There are many advantages of using GIF banner ads in online ad campaigns from a marketing perspective. Go over the points below to see how important they are in your marketing strategy.

  • They are accepted by most publishers and ad networks such as Google
  • Animated GIF banners grab the attention of people as compared to static images
  • Can dictate your brand’s story if designed appropriately
  • Are easy to design and don’t require many resources
  • Are cool and interactive
  • Work well on all devices; mobiles, PC, tablets, etc.


Get the Perfect Animated GIF Banner Ad at Growthworx

With a team of highly experienced and skilled graphic designers and illustrators on board, we design a perfect animated GIF banner ad for your brand as per your preferences.

While designing an animated GIF banner we keep following important factors in consideration:


  • Using Quality Images

We make sure that the images uploaded in your banner meet certain quality standards because AdWords campaign policy requires high-quality images.



  • Certain Design Principles

We design your GIF banner in such a way that it meets the four basic principles also known as CRAP – contrast, repetition, alignment, and proximity.



  • Accurate and Relevant Content

We incorporate all the relevant information in your GIF banner that gives a clear picture of what you are promoting and what is the cause behind it.


Now, let’s jump on to the steps we follow to create awesome animated GIF banner ads.

  1. Choosing an appropriate banner size
  2. Using one of the templates that Growthworx’s professional designers made for you
  3. Adding different elements such as layers and slides in your banner
  4. Editing those elements by using transitions
  5. Adding easily readable typography, eye-catching fonts and images


Why Choose Us?

Partner-up with Growthworx to get:

  • First delivery within -24 hours
  • A hundred percentage original artwork
  • Fast and professional service
  • Unique and high-quality
  • Sources files
  • Free unlimited revisions
  • 100% satisfaction
  • Money-back guarantee



Schedule your free consultation with Growthworx today and get the work started for a unique and stand out animated GIF banner ad for your brand.

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