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Convincing an unknown person to invest their resources in your product or service that they’ve most probably never heard of before through a cold call can be a daunting task but it is not impossible if done right. In fact many marketers use efficient cold calling techniques and get positive outcomes.

One of the most important components to be considered for successful cold calling are the sales script. A well-written script can turn your cold call into a warm one by introducing your products to prospects in a friendly and informative way.

Cold calling is challenging enough, but finding a good sales script can make it fruitful. Growthworx can create custom sales script for cold calls that is not only effective but also specific to your business.

Growthworx – Providing Effective Sales Script for Cold Calls

Growthworx have experts in the field of scriptwriting. Our experienced and skilled scriptwriters can create custom sales scripts that provide value to the clients and their prospects.

Take a look at how we write persuading sales script for cold calls

Identifying your Product or Service

First off, we analyze your product or service in depth then compose a relevant script. It includes all the crucial aspects of your product or service that you want to ultimately sell to the prospect.

Considering Different Types of Buyers

In this step, we hone in to your target audience. We can either create one sales script that works for every type of prospect or we can create various sales scripts for specific buyer persona. The latter is more effective and works well in targeting different types of buyers you’ll be selling to.

Adding Benefits of Choosing Your Service

We consider the benefits of your product or service and add them in the script in a compelling way that encourages the buyer to listen to it. At least three benefits are added that give the prospect a clear idea of how your business will be beneficial for them.

Linking your Benefits to the Pain Points

We build a list of pain points first then link them to your benefits that how a particular benefit will resolve, minimize, or avoid, the pain point of a prospect. This develops the interest of listener as it might help them somehow.

Including Questions for the Prospects

The best salesperson is considered the one who asks the best questions. Adding questions to the sales script keep the prospect engaged otherwise they might get bored of only listening. We develop a strong list of questions that are relevant to the pain points.

Testing Different Ways of Delivering Your Pitch

We apply different ways to deliver your pitch to see which will resonate best with your prospects. We always look for improvements and iterations to create a best script for cold calls.

Less Talking More Hearing

If you are talking more than listening, the prospect will lose interest. We prepare sales script that leaves ample time for the prospect to ask questions and share comments regarding your products or services.

Closing with a Call to action

Since cold calls are the first interactions between your business and the prospect, having a proper call to action at the closing is very important. We can add compelling lines that urges the prospect to look into your business.

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