Create an Android App and Qualtrics Survey


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In this digital age, having an online presence is crucial for businesses that want to reach out to a large base of customers. Therefore, android apps open up a new perspective to an online presence of your business.

Moreover, online surveys such as Qualtrics survey help businesses gain valuable insights about their market.

Growthworx helps you combine these two powerful tools and take your business to new heights.

Android App Development Service

Android has become the world’s most famous and user-friendly operating system that holds almost 73% of the market share among smartphone users around the world.

It means by maintaining an engaging android app you can bring your business to fingertips of your customers. However, your app should be special — an experience customers remember.

At Growthworx, we design solutions to fulfill your customer needs by making your app:

  • highly customizable,
  • user-friendly,
  • and performance-driven.

We ensure that our developers have ample opportunities to showcase their creativity and deliver apps that can help win more businesses to your organization.

The Key Aspects Of Your Android App

We know the technical sides of app development and programming can be difficult to understand. However, there a few basic components or attributes of your app that you should know about.

  • User Interface

People associate convenience with an android app, and rightly so.

Growthworx helps you design an interface that is easy to navigate for your customers and simultaneously, incorporates all the features you wish to offer.

  • Accessibility

Your app is much like an all-in-one store that should include all about your company, access to your products, ways to contact you, etc.

  • Database

An app is a great way to keep track of people interested in your product or service. By incorporating an interactive sign up or membership feature, you can stay connected with your customers.

  • Storage

No one wants to download a heavy app that slows down their phone. But at the same time, you can’t leave out necessary features.

Growthworx optimizes your app storage for you.

  • Safety and Firewalls

The importance of app security cannot be emphasized enough – especially if it contains personal data, transaction details, and so on.

Thus, we ensure the strictest firewalls and security check are in place to protect your app.

Qualtrics Survey

Like the android app, Qualtrics surveys an effective way of marketing and gathering information.

Growthworx specializes in providing Qualtrics survey to our clients for multiple uses ranging from HR to market research and customer service/satisfaction.

Customizing Qualtrics Surveys

Through this service, we create online surveys, collect feedback, and polls using a variety of distribution means on behalf of our clients. We also provide system-generated reports to our customers to help them comprehend results easily.

  • We allow customization while creating user-friendly surveys
  • Embed Videos, graphics, and audio as per your requirements
  • Set reminders and personalize email invitations

Going Online With Growthworx

Turning online is the way to conduct businesses in the future. At Growthworx, we take care of all your digital research and app needs with our team of skilled developers and tech geniuses.

If you’re looking to make the most of Android apps and Qualtrics, get in touch us today!

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