Create a white screen spokesperson video


Attire options included. All other elements are extra. Video editing revisions only.
✔️Full HD (1080p)
✔️Custom Outfit
✔️Number of words: 25

Very Important. Please Read Production Restrictions Before Ordering

You provide the script unless you have ordered scriptwriting as an extra

Contact us for scripts over 250 words as premiums apply

We only re-shoot if I make an error.

Revisions apply to video edits only.

To Get Started:

  1. Review our “Production Restrictions” Important
  2. Prepare a final script
  3. Refer to FAQ for my backgrounds and attire options.
  4. If ordered, supply your logo (vector or transparent png 800px wide)
  5. Pronunciations for uncommon words or names

What You Get

We will read your script against a pure white background along with the attire you choose. All other elements are EXTRA.

Is your script longer than 25 words?

If so, please enter the appropriate word count for the updated price.

Would you like me to license additional images or video footage?

If so, please contact us beforehand. Pricing will depend on what you need.

Reduction Restrictions:

  1. No Wealth Building Or Crypto
  2. No Religious Or Political Content
  3. We will not pretend to be someone else.
  4. No swearing
  5. No Testimonials

Disclaimer:  You don’t have permission to use our identity to create profiles. Nothing questionable.

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