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The world of gaming is constantly transforming. You no longer see the glitchy graphics and simple gameplay that was once the norm. Now is the time for Virtual Reality Gaming!

Be it consultations or full-fledged game development, Growthworx will always come to your rescue.

Consultations for VR

While it has made its mark over the years, Virtual Reality remains a tricky technology. There is very little expertise available for organizations looking to make their mark in this realm.

In such a scenario, Growthworx brings its consultation services for individuals and businesses looking to make their mark.

This consultation essentially gives direction to your project. The consultation is aimed at organizations with in-house expertise but little experience. We therefore work in tandem with your in-house experts in designing your game.

With our consultation, you can readily decide:

  • How to begin.
  • What resources you need.
  • Considerations for constraints that restrict gameplay.
  • The scale of the world (confined or infinite).
  • Interaction and navigation.
  • The platform and tools suitable for your specific needs.
  • How to solve specific organizational/individual problems.

Simple VR Projects

In cases where consultation is not enough, we take it up a notch. Growthworx brings you VR Project designs that can serve as the foundation for your future development.

Our simple project plans come with a source code that you can later add to and a single plugin. Most typically our used tools involve:

  • Unity 3D.
  • Oculus Rift.
  • Oculus Quest 1/2.
  • HTC Vive.

Our simple VR project will use the Unity Game Engine and will revolve around your constraints and design requirements.

VR Game and Experience

Where the client requires full-fledged VR game or experience, Growthworx can still prove as a vital resource.

This service involves more than one levels of play (up to 10) with a source code and 3 plugins. Growthworx can assist you in managing your user constraints as well as answer questions of scale and navigation.

Characters and Gesture Control for Great Gameplay

In creating a full-fledged VR experience, Growthworx can create for you characters and avatars according to your own concepts. We focus on both semantic and responsive gestures to control for great gameplay in keeping with the technology your experience is intended for.

Managing Affordances and Depth

To further enhance the experience, we assign effective affordances that help the player navigate easily. The text and images are blended masterfully to accentuate the aesthetics.

In managing distance, Growthworx pays special attention to the light settings (one-directional, ambient light and reflections) and fade settings to ensure great visual depth. Spatial audio is added to improve the immersive experience and depth for your project.

Final Takeaway

So, whether you have an in-house team or not, Growthworx can always prove to be your go to service.

With our experience in VR gaming, we guarantee to make your game development easier than ever. Any and all projects are designed keeping in mind the health and safety guidelines and consideration of essential hazards.

Reach out to us today for seamless development of your next VR experience or game!

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