Create a viral crowdfunding campaign on Spotify


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Organic Spotify music promotion


Get the organic Spotify promotion at an affordable price. We use 100% organic techniques to make your songs heard by real music fans.
Each package features your song featured on music blogs, email sent to a targeted audience who likes your genre/style of music, and social media shares to thousands of music fans, you can even be featured and added to playlists on Spotify organically.


Spotify promotion packages

With our packages, we are going to push your Spotify using our organic marketing methods. This marketing strategy will lead to more listening to your song. The longer the campaign, the better the results.
This campaign is great for artists, record companies, and musicians to try out our Spotify promotion service.


What you will get:

  1. Organic SEO ranking on Spotify.
  2. Your track/album will get tons of traffic with massive exposure that will result in: more playlists, engagements, subscribers, feeds/plays.
  3. True organic music advertising.
  4. Expand your fan base and get more royalties.
  5. Targeted advertising.
  6. There is a bonus of free works when you order the platinum package.



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