Create a targeted lead generation list from LinkedIn, Zoom Info and other databases


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When it comes to conducting business in today’s dynamic digital age, your field sales team can only do so much. This is where a comprehensive list of leads can help you increase conversions and drive business growth.

What is Lead Generation?

When successful, this process translates to a long and fruitful relationship with your potential customers that are continually engaged through your content management. But before you can kick off this process, you need to know how to reach out to your potential customers.

Growthworx offers its services in lead generation list to help businesses initiate their lead generation process. We help our clients by providing them a list of contacts that becomes the foundation for their lead generation.

Source of Traffic

It might not come as a surprise that SEO efforts for your website take time to show results. While it happens, your website will not be ranked in the top 10 of the search engine results, which means there will barely be any visit to your website.

In contrast, you can use our lead generation list to bring in exactly the kind of people that will want to buy your brand.

Using the mailing list proves much less expensive than your SEO and Below the Line Marketing efforts. Yet, it brings in consistent results!

B2B Marketing Through Lead Generation List

While the end customer is always important in terms of growing sales, lead generation is especially important for businesses that sell to other businesses.

Given the bulk orders and percentage of margins involved, creating and nurturing a relationship is essential. Growthworx will help you make in-roads as the new business and start generating orders.

Our mailing list can be organized by numerous criteria. This then gives you a better idea of the gatekeepers in the organization that will help you get more orders.

Some categories to organize the list are:

  • By company.
  • By location.
  • By title.
  • By education.
  • By skills.
  • By business type.
  • By number of employees.
  • By scope of operations.

Capitalizing on Social Media

Growthworx helps you complete your lead generation list by capitalizing on social media. Our main focus is on LinkedIn to verify the authenticity of the contact that we give you.

In addition, our team manually validates all contacts in the list to ensure that you get a 100% hit rate. We also tap into Zoom and some other databases to create lists for our customers.

But in addition to just relying on mining efforts, we also offer guidance in optimizing your channels and website. This ensures that your potential customers sign up to your lists on their own!

What else could you possibly want?

Final Results

When we are done, you can receive your lead generation list in the form of a spreadsheet that you can use for your email marketing too.

Our services focus on helping our customers create value for their customers. By using the list wisely, you will be able to achieve growth and reach out to plenty of new customers.

Contact us today to start working on your business growth!

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