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Importance Of Lead Generation

The days of merely relying on cold calling to generate sales are long forgotten. Time has gone when we used to design a ‘one-size-all sales pitch’ for our customers. This won’t work in today’s competitive marketplace where people expect targeted messages now. For that, you need to have a lead generation list to find the right potential customers.

The backbone of every organization relies on its lead generation strategy because that’s what is needed to drive consistent and reliable revenue. Finding out prospects can be tiresome and time-consuming nowadays therefore GrowthWorxassists you in providing a lead generation list from Crunchbase to help you identify your prospects and design your lead generation strategy.

What We’ll Do For You?

We’ll assist you in generating leads from Crunchbase by discovering innovative companies around the world, connecting with potential customers, and enable you make informed business decisions. We will target investors, entrepreneurs, market researchers, and salespeople as per the nature of your business. So it’s time to foster your pipeline and quickly reach out to the right prospects with us.

We will provide you with the following basic pieces of information about your prospect:

  • Prospect’s Name
  • Gender
  • Job Title
  • Email Address
  • Education
  • Employer Name
  • Location
  • Linked URL
  • Financial stability of the company (in case of B2B leads)

Why Lead Generation List Is Critical To Us

At GrowthWorx, we believe that the lead generation list is not only a doorway to finding your potential customers. Rather, it’s also an opportunity for the prospects to know about your business who can reach out to you at the time of need.

Gathering information at the start of the buyer purchase cycle will allow you develop a close and trusted relationship with your prospect and will aid in breaking the ice between the two. When you’ll refer to him personally by name, he will feel confident that the company is giving out authentic information about their valued product or service.

By providing you with such critical information about your prospect, it let you know which businesses will be more likely to invest in your offering. In the case of B2B lead generation, getting to know about the financial stability of the company can help you identify the optimal leads.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

  • We are a team of professional researchers with strong research skills.
  • We aim to provide all the essential details that can serve the best interest of our client. By fulfilling their required needs, we strive to develop a lasting relationship with our clients.
  • We ensure timely delivery of our project.
  • We target a large number of companies belonging to varying industries e.g FMCG, Technology, banking, arts and entertainment, Management consultancy, etc.

It’s Time For An Action

We enable you to build your brand online by using the Crunchbase database that gives us authentic information about your prospects who can be approached to expand your business.  To initiate the consumer interest in your company’s products and services by availing our services.

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