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The Internet has made communication global and borderless. While the elimination of borders has made things easier, competition has greatly increased! Businesses are striving to stay upfront in the race of survival while clients too, thanks to the readily available knowledge choose products/ services wisely now.

GrowthWorx: We’ll Do it for You

For a business to ensure growth in the right direction by gaining customers, it is essential to keep in close contact with their clients. The closer you are to them, the easier it becomes to lure them into buying from you! Hence, the safest, quickest, and easiest way to “keep in touch” is through emails.

But to ensure your emails do not miss the eye, they need to be catchy and easy to read!

This is where GrowthWorx can help you!

Impeccable Email Templates

We design responsive HTML email templates with user-friendly layouts that can easily be accessed through your cell phone. Let’s admit it, not everyone has all the time in the world to switch on their laptop for a simple email. GrowthWorx understands the time constraints and thus, helps your company with emails that are compatible with both small and big screens, easy to read, and most importantly, super-catchy!

The Perfect Lay Out

Creating a responsive HTML email template is no child’s play. It takes a great eye for detailing and in-depth knowledge of user-friendly interfaces to design an email template that looks super simple to the eyes. If you’re looking for a template that is best of the best, is hard to ignore, and most importantly, can easily be accessed through smart-phones, trust the experts at GrowthWorx for the task.

If you still not sure how we’ll make it possible, here is a quick look at what and how we do it.

  1. The Basic Structure

Every HTML email consists of a basic structure that includes a doctype declaration, a head, and a body. To ensure your email touches the right chords of excellence, your doctype should contain a meta viewpoint, which makes it compatible with the screen size. At GrowthWorx we understand the importance of using the right doctype because for a client, viewing a small email on a big laptop screen or vise versa can be a huge turn-off.

  1. Laying out the Head

Next comes the head, another part of an email template that needs to be laid out cleverly. A head consists of all the important information your email will be carrying. From fonts to the client’s message, the head needs to devise strongly so that it is hard to miss out on.

  1. A Strong Body

Promising a strong end to your email, the responsive HTML email templates designed by us take care of each detailing for the perfect delivery! The body contains additional information including media queries etc, all of which will help connect with the clients on another level of convenience.

User-Friendly Design with Easy Access

GrowthWorx believes in sharing your burden and helping you grow without putting in many efforts in doing things that can be better handled by professionals. Our experts design the best responsive HTML email templates for you to ensure the clients find no difficulty in accessing it, reading it, and responding to your offer. While we stand strong at your back, you’ll be happily gaining organic traffic on your business website.

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