Create a persuasive crowdfunding fundraising video


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Do you need a crowdfunding or fundraising video? 

We produce videos that are not only affordable but also deliver a complete message of the campaign. Whether it is a product or service or any new idea just message us your campaign details we will make a stunning video for you.

Gold Package:
Provide us a script, the text of 3 to 4 words each up to 4 or 5 for 30 seconds video. Gold packages don’t include voice-over and scriptwriting.

Diamond package:
Provide us script for voice-over, Male /female both voice-over are available. Images or videos related to your campaign.

Platinum Package:
Send us your raw concept, script, or any content so we can create a script from it. Voice-over, stock footages are included in this package.

If you don’t have a script or supporting material like related stock footages don’t worry, just by our platinum package.

We can show you our previous successful videos once you contact us.

Feel free to tell us your budget, we can give you a custom offer according to your work and requirements.

Get in touch with us today, and let’s make your campaign successful together.

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