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For a brand, it is crucial to bring forward their A-game, strategize, and plan using clever tricks that are unique and out of the box. Know that the world will recognize you only if you are “different” than the rest. This is why, for a label to prove their worth, they should be clever in marketing their name rightly!

But how can a business do it?

Enter: GrowthWorx’s expertise in “marketing” and “branding”.

We as a company, provide you with the best marketing strategies designed by brilliant minds on our side, working together to form solutions that will take your company to a whole new level of recognition and profits!

Creating Personalized Brand Videos

Marketing a brand is an art that we at GrowthWorx have mastered. It requires great creativity and an eye for details to make a video that is clear in its idea and holds the interest of the audience, and our experts shine in this regard.

Research has shown that today amongst all other promotional strategies, at least 54% of the brands today prefer video marketing over others. Hence proved over time, that emails with a subject mentioning “video” in it have a 19% more chance of being read while these 60-seconds videos influence the buying decision of more than 90% of the customers.

If you wish to tell your business’s story in 60 seconds to the world, you first need to know what the audience is looking for and then answer their questions in the video to ensure you have their complete attention!

Here is how we do it:

  1. Structuring the Ad

More words and dispersed ideas can make your story boring!

We at GrowthWorx make sure things go in your favor by creating a short video following a complete structure including a fun beginning, a detailed middle, and a catchy end, promising a smooth transition from one phase to another so that the audience is kept hooked to the screen.

  1. Your Goals

Before the experts at GrowthWorx begin brainstorming about your brand’s video and how to do it, you as a business need to decide whether the video is regarding brand awareness or selling a product! Once you’re clear with the idea behind the creation, we will start working on developing a story that will touch the hearts!

Here at GrowthWorx we believe in keeping the message short and crisp, conveyed in a way that is easily relatable with the audience!

Being Creative with Visuals

Let your business grow bigger with videos created by the experts at GrowthWorx. We take pride in making marketing videos that are:

  • Full of life
  • Super attractive
  • Transfer the idea in a fun way

Our purpose: To convert the viewers of your 60-second brand videos into customers.

Experienced Team, Exceptional Results

Choosing nothing but the best for you, the professionals at Growthworx understand the underlying complexities of marketing.

Once they gain a good grasp of what your target audience wants, our experts use images and creative visuals to promote your name. From clear sound to sharp images, and quality content to the right music; our marketing clips are enriched with the right ingredients that help you connect with the audience and lure them into buying your products/services without delays.

Growthworx Making The Most of 60 Seconds

One minute to make you or break you.

Our team ensures you achieve the former for yourself, rather than the latter.

Using the right strategies and visuals to market your products/services with a 60-second brand marketing video, we ensure the audience understands your brand, and remembers it.

When it comes to branding through short, creative videos of your label, trust GrowthWorx for unique ideas and result-oriented videos. Contact us for a consultation today!

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