Create a Custom Survey on Survey Monkey


Complete data input of all survey questions, survey flow formatting.
✔️ 100 QuestionsQuestion Writing
✔️ Custom Branding
✔️ Advanced Survey Logic
✔️ Question Flow Design


If you have a survey that you want to share or administer online, we can input all your questions/texts into Qualtrics, SurveyMonkey, or Google Forms, and program the survey settings to make it efficient and user-friendly according to the goals of your survey.

Examples of configurations that may be useful to you are:

  1. Display, skip, and branch logic
  2. Validation (forced response, only allowing specific types of responses, etc.)
  3. Multiple question formats (multiple choice, text response, matrices, etc.)
  4. Carry forward logic (tailoring future questions based on previous response choices)
  5. and more…

Feel free to choose the basic plan, or contact us to discuss custom pricing based on survey length and level of customization.

For an additional cost and one day extra, we can also provide feedback on the quality of your questions (e.g. phrasing, internal validity, and general ‘scientific soundness’ of the questions).

We have several sample surveys to show if you’d like to see examples of my work. Additionally, if you would like data analysis and visualization after the survey is complete, we can discuss pricing options.

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