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The internet, apps, softwares, social media; the world around us digitalizing a little more each day. One company at the forefront of this development is Google.


They have rolled out countless applications that have completely changed the way we do things. Google Forms is one such tool that has made surveys, data collection, and feedback a breeze.

If you are looking to utilize Google Forms to the fullest, Growthworx is here to assist you and make your work all the more easier.

The Ease of Google Forms

When it comes to designing surveys and handling the technical work on Google, Growthworx experts are fully equipped.

We know how to combine your requirements with the best ways to prompt respondents to answer your questions. There is also no limit to how many questions you want to includes or whether you want them to be multiple choice or open-ended.

Not only will you be able to collect important information in no time but also it will relevant and useful for your purpose. Plus, when doing it through Google, you’ll know every feedback provided by the clients is kept safe!

Customization Options

Google Forms are a simplistic tool created to make the experience easy for both surveyors and respondents. Still you can change up a few things to add a personalized feel.

Here are the customization options:

  • Title and Description
  • Themes
  • Images
  • Page Background
  • Font

You can let us know your preferences and we will ensure the form is customized to your liking.

How Do We Design Google Forms?

All you need to do is master a few steps in the Google form and you are good to go! Still, confused about how we do it?

Here is a quick look at how the experts at Growthworx master the skill of creating a custom survey using Google Forms:

  1. Start with creating a Google account for your business
  2. Once our professionals gain access to it, they will move onto the types of forms to choose from
  3. As you are looking for a survey to be designed, out experts will click on the draft provided under the related category
  4. Next, they will jot down all the important questions that have been finalized after a thorough decision with the client
  5. We’ll then move to skim through the draft to eliminate errors and mistakes
  6. Once we are satisfied with the work, we’ll move on to distributing it online amongst the target audience
  7. As soon as we receive the responses, the experts at Growthworx will record and update them along the way

It does sound simple, right? But remember, one mistake will cost you your time and money. Thus, let the experts at Growthworx handle the work with full professionalism.

Surveys Made Simple

Growthworx aims to share your work burden. We believe in helping businesses expand and grow by providing them the best solution for everything.

Hence, if you’re in search of someone who can create a custom survey in Google forms and handle the responses, reach out to Growthworx for the best services!

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