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A media contact list is a compilation of relevant people and their contact information organized to pitch them story ideas, news, and media alerts for your business or company. A good media list is highly organized, frequently updated, and is customized per story idea.

Discovering relevant contacts for your media list can be a difficult job, it’s like finding a needle in a haystack. If you are finding it difficult to create ROI driving media lists, Growthworx is there to help!

We understand that choosing the right PR contacts for a product or business launch is vital, that’s why we help you to get top journalists that generate visibility of your business.

How We Build an Effective Media List in 4 Simple Steps

Growthworx offers a unique set of PR services with years of experience. Our team of skilled account managers and professional writers always go to extra mile to help you get great results.

Here are 4 simple steps through which we create effective custom media contact lists for you

Step#1 Figuring out Your Target Audience

By conducting open brainstorming sessions, we guide you through the process of searching for your target audience. What kind of people do you want to read about you? Where would your story have to be, so they get access to it? Which blogs, websites, newspapers, etc. are frequently visited/read by your target audience?

Figuring this out will help to understand which type of media contacts you want to be added to your media contact list.

Step#2 Addition of Contact Information

We make customized media contact lists for you that contain all the essential information you might need to contact the people on your list.

The list includes the following information:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Media publication/outlet/blog name
  • Role (journalist, blogger, influencer, etc.)
  • Topics covered
  • Location
  • Email
  • How they prefer to be contacted
  • Twitter, Facebook, or other social media account

Step#3 Using PR Outreach Tools to Pitch Media

For maintaining and keeping your media contact list, you can either opt for typical Google sheets/excel or you can go for a much smarter option i.e. PR outreach tool. We recommend the latter. We make use of PR outreach tools to simplify the process of pitching the media and get better results.

The main advantages of PR outreach tool include:

  • You can find contacts relevant to your business by using location and topic filters.
  • You can store them in a smart media list that has tags and filters that help you to stay organized.
  • You can send personalized and attractive media pitches
  • You can get effective follow-up by knowing who read your email or viewed your press release
  • You can easily export your media contacts if you wish to switch back to sheets/excel.

Step#4 Finding Media Contacts and Adding Them to Your List

Our team comb through the extensive database to find the right contacts to get your business noticed. Get contact details to thousands of journalists, bloggers, and media influencers who want to write about you.


Since a carefully created media list can be a valuable asset for years to come, Growthworx creates an ultimate targeted and customized list of media contacts for you to generate press coverage. So, what are you waiting for! Get in touch with us now!

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