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What is the best way to know what your clients want? An approach that gives you an insight into what the consumer trends and patterns?

Online surveys are very useful for gathering information from a wide range of people in very little time. But to do that, your surveys must be designed persuasively and should be placed where they can have a maximum reach.

This is where Growthworx comes in. We’ll design the best online surveys for your business that provide you with on-point information and minimize unnecessary data collection.

Cost-Effective Research

Growthworx has been working for years to help businesses reach new levels of growth, both in terms of profits and customers.

Our surveys are tailor-made to your business’ needs to ensure you earn higher returns with minimum investment.

We understand that not every company has an elaborate budget to spend on online and television commercials or the resources to focus on cold calling. Likewise, research for educational purposes through on-ground surveys is not an expense students or teachers can afford.

Thus, online surveys are a very cost-effective way to collect quick information regarding potential clients or target audience.

Engaging Respondents

Our professionals create customized online surveys or questionnaires that are precise and also keep participants engaged.

If the respondents do not find the survey interesting, they will either not complete the questions or provide irrelevant information which will be of no use to you.

At Growthworx we understand this and thus we design surveys that work both for you and potential customers.

How Do We Design Customized Surveys?

Want to know how do we design an online survey? Here is how it all happens:

  1. We start with strong preliminary research which helps us design targeted questions to gain maximum information from the client pool.
  2. Growthworx experts know people get bored easily. Thus, rather than penning down long questions, we keep it short and precise yet informative
  3. We also mention the purpose of the survey and the benefit the customer will gain after completing and submitting the survey. This allows for more accurate and motivated responses.
  4. Next, our professionals make sure the questions are easy to understand and do not require complex or vague answers. You can either opt for multiple-choice format or open-ended surveys.
  5. Finally, we align the online surveys with software that will automatically record the data, thus eliminating the chance of losing important information at any point in the survey

Growthworx Online Surveys

Whether your business intends to collect information about its customers or you require research material for academic purposes, heading out into the market is not always a viable option.

Thankfully, online surveys allow you to get all the information without even having to leave your seat!

Let us know how you want your surveys to be designed and we will take care of everything — from the questionnaire to its placements, and eventually organizing the findings.

If you have any questions or would like to get started immediately, just give us a call.

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