Create a cold email campaign strategy


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We are Growthworx and we have over 5 years of experience with running successful email marketing campaigns.

We can help you to setup neverending email campaigns, write amazing copies of cold email scripts, and show you how to customize your email to each recipient.

Our Average Result

  1. 70% Open Rate
  2. 25% Reply Rate
  3. 30% Click Rate
  4. 3-10% Conversion Rate

If you already have a database and want to make your email outreach campaigns fully automatic, check out our large package, “Evergreen”

What is an “Evergreen”?

This means in short that our team sets up a neverending structure for your email campaigns with a predetermined next step after each email is sent, based on the outcome.

Your full database of leads will get contacted systematically. Depending on what the customer replies, our team will schedule the next outreach date and reach out until we establish a connection with the company.

This will allow you to stay in touch with your customers without lifting a finger.

All you need to do is handle your inbound leads.

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Obs: This gig includes communication over skype or zoom as Fiverr doesn´t have a built-in call function.

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