Convert your Quark Express 3.0 – 14 file into an Adobe InDesign file


convert your quark xpress file to adobe indesign


We will convert your Quark XPress 3.0 to 14 files to Adobe InDesign.

Warning: This is not a perfect process. Local formatting, Quark applied styling, runarounds, etc., and some features/effects of later versions, like drop shadows, may not carry over to the new InDesign file and may need to be recreated. Because my conversion process involves “back-saving,” the later the Quark version the file is saved in, the more degradation or “things wrong” you are likely to find with the final result. there will always be work that needs to be done on your file.

Note: Multiple layouts (not multiple pages) in a single file count as multiple files and need to be paid for accordingly, or split into multiple files by you.

If your file is in Quark 15, please save it back to version 14 or earlier, if possible, before sending.

If you have other Quark or Indesign work, let us know and maybe we can help.

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