Convert a simple logo with text, icon and solid colours into a EPS, PDF, SVG and high resolution raster files


If your logo Simple having a Text + icon with solid colors, So this package is for you.
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✔️Source File
✔️High-Res Raster
✔️Color Change


Why Zoom?

Whether you are an Employer bringing everyone together for an E-Conference or an employee connecting to your workplace you zoom in to connect.

What Can we do for you?

  1. We can be your Tech coach and teach you basically anything including but not limited to Zoom.
  2. We can be your Virtual Tech Support and perform various tasks.

Why us?

  1. Computer Science Engineer
  2. Fluent in English
  3. Newbie friendly
  4. Programmer
  5. We have the necessary computer resources
  6. We have a high-speed Internet
  7. We provide High-Quality Work
  8. Head of Tech for 6 Private Orgs.
  9. Flexible
  10. Adaptive

Our skills:

  1. Programming: C,C++,Java,JS,Python,Shell Scripting,Android
  2. Community: Discord,Facebook,Telegram
  3. Streaming: Twitch, Mixer, Youtube, Facebook Live
  4. Streaming Tools: OBS,SLOBS,Stream Elements OBS,Restram,Chatbots
  5. Virtual Support: VNC, Team Viewer, Any Desk
  6. E-Conferencing: Zoom, Skype, Google Duo
  7. Photo: Gravit, Photoshop
  8. Video: Kdenlive, Premiere Pro
  9. Audio: Audacity,Audition,Reaper,Izotope
  10. Animation: After Effects
  11. Others: Slido,Zapier,Integromat
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