Build an Access CRM with data entry forms and tables, and some automation functions


✔️ Create data entry forms and tables for your data with some automation functionality.

✔️ 3 Tables Added

✔️ Import/Export Data

We are a Data and Analytics expert with around 10 years of experience across a number of platforms including SQL Server, MS Access, MS Excel, and more recently R and Python to enable Big Data.

We have used MS Access to build a fully supported CRM platform in a 150-200 employee organization that has now been in place for over 6 years. This CRM saved the business circa £100k in purchasing a third-party platform and has been stable in all that time meaning they’ve not had to buy anything else.

This service will be a database/CRM built-in Microsoft Access (recommend you own the full version but not a requirement), that allows the following as standard:

  1. Data entry – customers, products, accounts, suppliers, or whatever is needed
  2. Search functionality to profile your customers/products etc within the platform
  3. Validation and permissions to avoid bad data entry/ set up an admin for the database
  4. Import existing dataThis will be built totally bespoke for your business and can be branded appropriately, linked to the existing database, assist with email marketing and SMS if required as optional extras.
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