Audit your Google Ads account, provide a one hour Q&A session and provide a targeting, bidding and budget strategy


1 Hour Q&A Session and account Audit. BluePrint for your marketing efforts included.
✔️Review Existing Materials
✔️Optimization Suggestions
✔️Follow Up


Trying to figure out how to get your first Sale or Lead?

Do you want to squeeze your Ads’ Budget Potential?

Most Businesses don’t know where to start or how to Audit themselves…

Let us give you our 2 cents on this Situation,

  1. Looking at your competitors’ ads, Social Media, or Website will not do the job; what you need to be doing is analyzing the Full Market and create a Tailored Strategy that matches your own Capabilities, Resources, and most important that you can Sustain over a reasonable period of time.
  2. There are NOT quick fixes to your Digital Marketing Strategy, building an Audience and a Database does take time, and it’s a constant process of Approaching and Engaging to create a frictionless Communication process with your Target Market.

Let’s find together where your Short-Term and Long-Term Objectives Collide with your Business Reality, as that’s the perfect spot to build the foundations for your Advertising and Social Media approach.

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