Personal and Corporate Branding

Corporate Branding

Branding isn’t always about seeing a great difference in sales. Rather, it is focused on creating a good brand name, so that your business, product or service stands out above the rest.

Consequences of poor branding

Many people are unaware about the consequences poor branding can have on a business’s long term strategies. While aiming at prospective clients, branding also re-establishes your business with current customers and/or clients, essentially hitting two birds with one stone.

Corporate Branding uses your business or company name as a product brand name

Corporate Branding specifically targets your business, its products and its services, establishing strong relationships with clients, stakeholders and the general community. In a nut shell, Corporate Branding uses your business or company name as a product brand name.

The benefits of Corporate Branding

The benefits of Corporate Branding are twofold. As can be seen, Corporate Branding is a way of enhancing your business or company name and aligning it with positivity and trust.

Associate positivity with your brand name - be known as a force for good

It is also a way of boosting the advertisement and acceptance of new products or services, as the general public already associates positivity with your brand name.

Contact us to get started

Contact the Growthworx team for information on how we can help you to enhance your corporate brand.

Personal Branding

Within Branding, there are two types of fields, Personal Branding and Corporate Branding. While Personal Branding may not seem to directly relate to your business, Personal Branding is centred on giving your business strong standing through its director, manager and employees.

Develop positive personal branding for yourself and your staff

How does this work? By developing positive and accredited Personal Branding for yourself and your staff, you are in turn indicating to your current and prospective clients the level of professionalism that your business works with.

How we turn people into models of success

Personal Branding uses a business or company’s directors and staff, through their characters and careers, to mark them as brands.

This in turn reflects on the business or company’s brand as a whole, by associating the knowledge and success of your staff’s careers to your business.

At Growthworx, our branding services include:

- Personal Social Media set up. Growthworx is able to create all social media accounts in a professional manner, indicating your own personal professionalism
- Advice on how to ensure Social Media remains professional
- Creation and maintenance of personal blog
- We strategically place information about yourself and your staff on external websites
- We show you how to help the public know about your amazing company
- Personal Cards

Included in Growthworx' Strategic Marketing services are:

 Marketing/brand audit - we'll find things you missed that can improve your brand

 Market research - we can research low hanging fruit opportunities and identify easy high ROI targets

 Marketing strategy - get marketing strategy advice at no charge. That's right, we'll discuss strategies for your business without charing you anything.

 Marketing coaching - years of successful marketing campaigns and new business launches give us the experience to coach you on your marketing needs.

 Marketing plans - if you don't plan, you plan to fail. Get a marketing plan from Growthworx that ONLY focuses on your real business needs.

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