Outsourcing your Marketing

Why it makes financial sense to outsource
your marketing

At Growthworx, we believe in Outsourced Marketing and have worked hard in order to make sure we
are outsourced marketing professionals. Outsourced Marketing is the best way to save you time and money
while implementing marketing strategies that will see your business grow and in turn, increase your profits. SB
Marketing Solutions can act as your Marketing Manager, or as a consultant, on a per project basis- ensuring the
job is done by a professional without the full time price tag.

Outsourcing benefits

Our expertise

You may not have the time or resources for a strong marketing strategy available in house. Outsourcing gives
your business the option to obtain access to our experienced team, who will infuse your business with fresh,
original, and up-to-date ideas.

Our Perspective

At times, business directors and/or employees become infused in the business side of the organization, and
loose the consumer perspective on marketing plans or strategies. By attaining an outsider perspective, SB
Marketing Solutions can help you to market successfully to your existing consumers in ways you may have
overseen, as well as capture new markets because of our external perspective.

Our Experience

Whether you require the implementation of marketing plans, design, or activities, our team has had experience
with a variety of different marketing and communication strategies, techniques and tools. With our experience, we
are well equipped and will find the best solutions for your marketing challenges.
Every business is unique, and the most suitable marketing channels will vary from business to business, which is
why we do not have any fixed fees when it comes to outsourced marketing. All clients are judged on a case by
case basis in order for us to find a solution that best suits each businesses individual goals.

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