Mobile and Search Engine Friendly Websites

Mobile and search engine friendly websites

We deliver professional, easy to use websites to the fitness and health
Instead of paying thousands of dollars for an expensive custom built
website which takes months to complete, choose one of our base designs
which is then customised to suit your business.
You get a cost effective, streamlined solution – fast.

Website Development

Website development is at the core of every business in this day and age which is why at Growthworx
we make it our mission to ensure we use our knowledge of technology to help increase your online branding and
achieve your business goals.
Whether it is building a content managed system or a custom built solution, Growthworx is able to
ensure that we deliver a solution that meets your business goals.

Why Choose Growthworx?

What makes Growthworx different from other website development companies is that we do not just
simply design your website the way we want and send you on your way, we design it from a marketing
perspective . we don’t just look at what makes the website ‘pretty’ but also take into consideration conversion
metrics and look at your overall marketing goals before we go ahead and design the website.
We are also different from other companies because we want to work with you on a long term basis and don’t
charge ridiculous fees, because we understand that creating a website is useless if there is no marketing that
goes with it. Creating your website is the first step of being found online.

The Growthworx Process:

Our process includes:
 a review of the best development platform needed to achieve your goals and fit in with your budget
 a clearly defined website template detailing the way in which the websites pages and features will be designed
 detailed functional specifications
Our process is developed this way in order to ensure that you receive what you ask for and your project is
delivered on time and on budget.
Let us help you with:

 Jquery
 WordPress
 Magento
 Custom Built Platforms
 Mobile website Development
 And more – just ask!!

Some of our features…

Beautiful Designs
We’ve put a lot of thought into our base designs to ensure you get a
seamless, intuitive, professional website tailored to the fitness industry –
packed with great features.
We then customise your chosen base design to suit your business by
adding your logo, colours, images and content. If you don’t have a logo
yet, we can help with that too!

Mobile Friendly

We specialise in responsive web design, which means your website will
scale and adapt to fit any screen size and work flawlessly across different
mobiles and tablets.
Responsive design is crucial considering more than 40% of web browsing
now occurs on a mobile device. It’s recommended by Google and is far
cheaper than maintaining a mobile app.

Easy to Use

Our websites are built using the WordPress Content Management System.
This easy to use system gives you complete control over your website
content from any device.

You will have access to add or change text, photos and pages, supported
by our training documents and videos. We also offer ongoing support for
complete peace of mind.

Integrated Platforms

All Media Fit websites integrate with best-in-class service providers, for
everything from payment gateways, email marketing and social media
If you don’t see a 3rd-party applications that interests you here, chances
are it will still work nicely. Our websites are powered by WordPress – the
webs most popular Content Management System.

Ongoing Support

Unlike some other companies, we don’t just want to sell you a website and
walk away. We’ve got your back. Too busy to update your own content?
Let us do it for you!
We provide ongoing support and maintenance plans to keep your site
running at optimal levels and to help with marketing as needed. Get in
touch with any questions.

Reliable Hosting

Don’t worry about purchasing hosting or installing any software. We
manage all the technical stuff, so you don’t have to. We ensure your
website stays online, fast, secure and problem free.
Media Fit does not sell domain names, however we are happy to take care
of the technical hard work getting your business domain name connected
to your new website.

Our Process

Because we’ve already done the legwork, the process is fast and simple:

Step 1: Select a base design
Simply chose one of our base designs as a starting point.

Step 2: Pay the set up fee of $750

Pay the one-time setup and launch fee and choose a monthly service plan.
30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee – We know you’ll love your new website
and our personalised support, but let us prove it. If within 30 days of paying
the set-up fee you aren’t totally happy with our service, you’ll get a full
refund. Simple as that.

Step 3: Send us your content
Send us any written text, logos, colours and links to existing websites or
social media accounts, then we’ll do the rest.
Even better, if you’ve already got a website we can take your content and
move it over into your new chosen design.

Step 4: Choose a website address
Media Fit does not sell domain names, however we are happy to take care
of the technical hard work getting your business domain name connected
to your new website.

Step 5: We do the rest
Our professional designers and developers work hard to get your mobile-
friendly website customised and launched within 5 business days.
You get a website that looks professional, attracts the right kind of attention
and adapts beautifully on all devices.
Best of all you can easily add or edit content on your website as your
business grows, or we are happy to do it for you moving forward.

“From the outset and throughout, Growthworx have guided me step by step
through the process of taking my business to the next level. I couldn’t be
more pleased with their work. ” – Rob Derbyshire

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