Marketing tactics to fill your mums and bubs fitness sessions

Offering mums and bubs fitness sessions is a great strategy for most
fitness providers. They can usually be scheduled mid-morning or early
afternoons, which is perfect since it’s usually the quiet period for many
gyms and trainers.
If you’re a P.T. with a baby or young kids, you likely have little problem
networking with other mums looking to get back into shape.
However if you’re a mainstream gym or a middle age guy, you will need to
think more strategically to get your services seen by mums.
Try these 5 marketing tactics to give your business a boost.

Tactic #1: Promote your services where mums hang out
To attract mums you need to think like a mum. Consider places mums
regularly go to catch up with friends, entertain the kids or to get a brief
moment of rest during their busy day.
Try hanging poster, handing out flyers, or visiting the following places to
introduce yourself face to face.
 local outdoor children’s’ playgrounds
 indoor play centres
 local playgroups
 child friendly shopping centres
 mums meet ups

Tactic #2: Build relationships with playgroups / child minding
Playgroups and child minding facilities are a hive of activity. Children attend
on different days throughout the week and parents are constantly
wandering in and out.
Introduce yourself to managers at your local playgroup or child minding
centres. See if there is anything you can do to support them.
Perhaps you could:
 Run a fun fitness class for their kids over a 5-10 week period
 Donate sports equipment, foam mats or toys
 Sponsor an event they want to hold
 Help run a stall at their next local fate
In return:
 ask to display a poster or leave flyers promoting your services
 try to get your services mentioned on their Facebook page or
 leave mum focused stickers or fridge magnets for the kids to take home

Most playgroups are run by volunteer parents and many child minding
centres are privately run businesses. As long as your motives are genuine
in wanting to help out, usually they’ll be happy to return the favour.

Tactic #3: Get on mobile
Research shows mums use their smartphone often to research on the go.
Therefore you want to get your brand in front of them often, while they’re
out and about.
Make sure your blog and social media posts are mum friendly. For
example, offer tips and advice that is geared toward busy mums and share
links about events that are happening within your community relevant to
mums. Try to often share photos and updates of the mums participating in
your sessions and highlighting their achievements.

Make sure your fitness website is mobile friendly. Not only do website
visitors get a better browsing experience but Google rewards mobile
responsive sites with better search rankings. Ideally you also want to give
mums the opportunity to immediately make a purchase. If you don’t
currently have eCommerce on your website, you can easily
use PayPal or Eventbrite to collect payments.

Tactic #4: Strategically be seen on a local mum Facebook

Out of all the social media platforms available to mums, research shows
the most popular platform is Facebook. Many mums are active members of
local mums Facebook groups where they voice their opinion, as well as
seek out and give advice about local services.

You could get in contact
with the Facebook group admins and offer an exclusive special to members
of their group.
If you already have a few mums happily attending your sessions, get them
to share a comment or a picture to the Facebook group page mentioning
how much they enjoy the workouts.
Recommendations go a long way via social media, so if you can convince a
few clients “friends” to help you out, it will pay dividends.

Tactic #5: Make the kids happy
Most importantly you should go out of your way to make the children feel
welcomed and happy. There is massive appeal to another mum
considering joining when they hear “and the kids absolutely love it there
WOD Toys allow young children to mimic the actions of their mums and
often kids really want to join in and do what the grown-ups are doing.

You can make mini circuits for the kids or just allow them to role play. And if
you can get regular photos of the kids working out happily alongside their
mum, they are bound to be shared via social media.
If you have a crèche or play area on site try to rotate a variety of toys,
activities and puzzles each week. You can often pick up quality, cheap,
second hand toys and puzzles from places like The Salvation Army.  You
can also find many activities and printable colouring pages online.
At the end of each session, try to give something small to the kids. Things
like stamps, stickers and balloons are very inexpensive and kids love them.
Do you have any other mum focused marketing tactics to share?

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