Marketing Strategy

The aim of the Growthworx' Marketing Strategy is to implement your business goals and your marketing goals in an
informed, uniformed and effective way. You will work with a senior marketer for one or two sessions, determining
the right foundations for your businesses growth strategy.  You will be provided with the Marketing Strategy at the
end to implement and refer to for each and every business activity.
The session will include:
 An overview of the products/services the business offers
 Defining the business aims, objectives and priorities
 Establishing the customer blueprint
 Defining the Unique Selling Point
 Identifying  recent sales & marketing initiatives – What worked and what didn’t, and define sales & marketing
channels & priorities
 Establishing sales & marketing processes

 Establishing  marketing KPI’s
 Establishing Key marketing messages and determine the branding approach
 Identifying an appropriate marketing budget
 Establishing the role of promotion mediums and appropriate tactics
 Establishing reporting process to measure effectiveness
SB Marketing Solutions will provide to you a marketing strategy document, with the marketing findings of the
strategy session. You will discover areas for performance improvement, reveal ways to better align sales &
marketing, and have a solid customer blueprint to promote your brand.
The Marketing Strategy is then able to help you understand how you should set out and implement your
Without a Marketing Strategy, businesses run the risk of beginning a marketing campaign that is uninformed, ill
prepared, and ultimately, may be a waste of your businesses time, money and resources.
We offer a full day (or 2 half day) strategy sessions.
Contact Growthworx to discuss the benefits of a Marketing Strategy, and ensure that your marketing
campaign begins with your businesses best foot forward.

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