Marketing For Growth!

In these economic times it is hard to say what the future holds for us, which is even more prominent for small to
medium businesses. However, that said, spending has not halted altogether; consumers, although more cautious
of their spending, are still spending their hard earned dollars.
So, how do we as businesses ensure that our marketing strategies are moving our businesses forward and
aligned for growth?
The easiest way to grow is through your existing market.  Your customers have already bought from you and
have (hopefully) enjoyed a great user experience and great customer service. They have been exposed to your
business and your brand is one they are able to connect with and remember. They have bought your products
and services and if their experience was positive, they have probably recommended your business to someone
they know.
Re-targeting current clients / customers is a simple enough task, however not enough businesses do it.
Depending on your business you will more than likely already have some or all of your customers contact details
(if you don’t then you should starting asking for them!). You need to use these details (with your customers
permission of course) in order to re-market to them.
There are a many ways to re-market to your existing database such as:
 Email marketing
 Direct mail
 Follow-up phone calls
When you re-market to your database you should be providing them an incentive to buy from you again and
rewarding them for their loyalty. For example, if you own a women’s fashion store and you are contacting a
customer that has previously bought from you, you should thank them for their purchase and offer them in return
for their loyalty a (for example) 10% discount on their next purchase. This does two things:
 Reminds that customer about your business and puts it in the forefront of their mind
 Gives that customer an incentive to buy something that they may not have previously bought (either from you or
a competitor)
By doing this, you are ensuring that your customers are not just one time purchasers and you are giving your
business the edge it needs to grow by providing two avenues for sales:
 New customers (those who have not previously bought from you)
 Existing customers (those who have bought from you at least once)
For more information on the above please contact Growthworx.

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