Marketing/Brand Audit

As mentioned, branding is a strong and highly beneficial way to enhance your businesses standing with your
stakeholders, customers, as well as build your credibility to the general public.
Consistent and successful branding means that you can spend less money on attracting new customers, as a
good branding campaign has the ability to do so. This means you are able to spend more money on your
services, and allow returning customers and word of mouth to bring in new people.
Marketing and Brand Audits enable businesses to determine what is working well for their brand, and where the
businesses branding campaign needs to be altered. Conducting a Marketing or Brand Audit is a way of ensuring
that your branding efforts are actually bringing your business results.
A Marketing or Brand Audit helps to establish:
 The strength of your businesses brand
 What is good about this brand
 What currently works for your business, and in what areas it works best
 Helps to discover any inconsistencies
 Discovers weaknesses or flaws

 Shows how and what your customers identify with your business
 Indicates areas of improvement
Uncovering all of the above aims to make certain that your branding is not only consistent but also effective in
delivering your business in the most professional and positive way.

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