Market Research

Conducting Market Research is an extremely important component of any business strategy. Market Research,
should not be confused with marketing research, as Market Research is concerned first and foremost with
markets. Marketing research, on the other hand is about marketing processes.
The practice of Market Research involves gathering information, before analysing, interpreting and then
determining how and in which areas to use this new information.
In order to obtain the upper hand over competitors, or even to determine a new method of business interaction
with your customers, Market Research is essential. Market Research is a way of evaluating who your target
market is, where there is a niche in the particular market you are targeting, what your target market requires in
terms of products or services, how large the market is currently, and what your competitors have done in the past
and may attempt in the future.
With the help of Market Research, the risks involved in making business decisions can be narrowed. Accurate
and thoroughly researched information is found to be the key to successful business opportunities.
The marketing professionals at Growthworx are experts at analysing markets and can help you
ensure that your Market Research is conducted accurately. We aim to provide you with the most up to date
market research methods, specifically online, and are able to source information the world over.

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