Is LinkedIn Right For Your Business?

LinkedIn is the world’s most popular professional online social networking site with over 161 million members
worldwide. With over 2 million company pages, it is a great tool for you to start networking with others in the
industry. The next step is to ask yourself, is LinkedIn right for your business? This blog will focus on some key
features about LinkedIn that could potentially be beneficial for your business and help you understand whether it
is the right fit for you.
LinkedIn is a very versatile tool to incorporate in to your business’ marketing scheme. This is achieved through
the creation and maintenance of a LinkedIn profile page. Your profile page allows you to:
 Remain informed about your contacts and keep up to date with the industry
 Find and connect with people who are relevant to your business
 Attain the necessary knowledge to achieve your business objectives
 Control your professional identity online
 Streamline your social network accounts
Small businesses are able to utilise LinkedIn to generate leads by reaching out to new prospects. You can also
use LinkedIn to gain awareness and recognition of your business and what it has to offer. It is also a great tool to
market new products or service offerings to potential clients. Furthermore it is a fantastic way to interact with
potential clients and customers with similar interests in the marketplace.
LinkedIn Profiles and How to Create
Leads Generation
Posted on July 31, 2012
Your LinkedIn profile page is potentially your most important asset on LinkedIn. It is discoverable through a vast
array of search engines online and is the world’s way of discerning whether to engage and interact with your
business or not. You have the utmost control over what can be published on your profile page, so why not make
the most of it and showcase your best attributes?
Here are some tips on creating the most effective LinkedIn profile page:
 Complete your profile page, pronto! The sooner this is completed the sooner potential clients can understand
more about you and your business
 Create your personal LinkedIn URL using your name and relevant industry. Avoid acronyms!
 Keep it professional and fairly formal
 Only publish relevant and up to date information

 Connect your Twitter account to your LinkedIn profile. Streamlining your social media means less work for you in
the long run
With these tips in mind, you are well on your way to creating the perfect profile page for potential clients to view.
This will enhance your chances of gaining new connections on LinkedIn and widening your business’ networks.
LinkedIn is a two-way street however, so don’t be shy! Armed with your ideal profile page you are able to get out
there on LinkedIn and make new connections with companies and people who can benefit your business and its
objectives. Just remember to avoid sending “spammy” mass messages. Emails of this kind are generally avoided
as they come across as fake and insincere.
LinkedIn: Leads Generation
Posted on August 28, 2012
Welcome to the third and final blog in the LinkedIn Series. We have concurred whether LinkedIn is right for your
business and looked at the basics of creating the perfect profile page to start interacting with potential clients and
connections. Our final LinkedIn blog will focus on a few ways in which LinkedIn can be utilised for Leads
The easiest ways to help you generate leads on LinkedIn are as follows:

  1. Recognise the importance of constantly connecting with current or former business associates on a
    weekly basis. In doing so, your business is fresh in their minds and they are better able to remember your
    products or services in future.
  2. Over a 30 day period, strive to join a minimum of 15 Groups. This ensures that you are spreading your
    business’ online visibility.  Many business owners join 2 or 3 Groups which is not entirely beneficial as the
    scope is not broad enough.
  3. Start discussions in groups! This is the easiest way to meet new people and make friends in order to
    expand your network on LinkedIn.
  4. Strive to consistently answer questions in the Answers section of LinkedIn. This way you are contributing
    to the LinkedIn community and creating awareness of your presence.
  5. Better your profile by making it as engaging as possible. This can be done by adding applications on your
    profile page. There exist a wide variety of Applications available, so add all of your favourites!
  6. Be consistent! LinkedIn works best when you are consistent and keep up to date with your profile page
    and connections.
    These are some fundamental steps to help improve your business’ LinkedIn account which in turn will benefit
    your business greatly. Remember that LinkedIn is constantly being updated so keeping yourself up to date with
    the latest trends circulating LinkedIn. This will make sure you are a step above the rest!
    We hope you have found the LinkedIn series fruitful and help you in understanding the benefits of LinkedIn.
    Contact Growthworx today to discuss how we can help you with your business’ LinkedIn account!
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