Internal Communications

Internal Communications is the function of professional and successful communication between employees- and
employers- within an organisation.  Internal Communications is an important function in any business, as it allows
for contact between different parties within a single organisation.
Employees are often overlooked as stakeholders within a business. At Growthworx, we help to devise
and execute a plan to communicate with employees, management, shareholders and suppliers. This can be as
simple as setting up and sending a newsletter- to implementing a full employee program, such as loyalty reward
There are many benefits of constant communication with these parties. In a medium or large sized business,
where there are many staff members all who undertake different tasks, consistent communication reduces the
risk of displeasing clients, making mistakes which can cause setbacks, and avoids problems internally between
employees. On the positive side, regular communication can lead to consistent procedures which allows for work
to be done in a professional and timely manner, and a pleasant working environment.
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