How To Ensure You Do Not Miss The Mobile Website Revolution?

Our recent statistics from our current user base suggest that in many cases there has been a 100% increase in mobile traffic on average over the last
12 months.
These clients are not in the tech space. They are businesses like yours in beauty, travel & accommodation, finance etc etc…
Some of them are already getting over 20% of their visitors from mobile devices. If your current website is not optimised to show your content in a clear and
precise way to your site visitors then the likelihood is they will go elsewhere and you are leaving money on the table.
Your website likely current displays in miniature on a Smartphone screen.
This means your site visitors will have to pinch and scroll to view your content.
Scrolling vertically is fine. Scrolling horizontally provides a poor user experience.

So what do you need to do to make your website mobile friendly?
The simplest solution is to develop a mobile only website and to re-direct site visitors with a mobile device automatically from your existing website to that site.
This means you now have 2 websites though which requires that you continue to keep the content on both regularly updated and in sync.
Another way is to consider a concept called Responsive Design.

Responsive design is a development methodology whereby your desktop will appear in a different layout on a desktop computer and on a mobile device.
Elements of your site “flow” around the page based on the size of the screen that your site visitor is using.
Images and graphics on your site automatically grow and shrink so they can also appear perfectly on the site visitor’s viewing device.
Responsive design allows you to have buttons and menu items that people can actually use without requiring tiny fingers and text remains readable for
all your site visitors rather than shrinking to minuscule proportions.
Best of all – a Responsive Design from SP Media allows you to do all this on a single website. For you this means;-
 A single website to update saving you time
 No confusion between content that may differ on 2 websites.
 A single set of development and hosting costs rather than two sets
 You can focus on a single website for your online marketing
At SP Media we are Online Marketers. We know what it means to convert site visitors into leads as all of our sales come from our website.
We monitor the figures and the figures are telling us the opportunity exists for those that are prepared to meet the shift to mobile now.
The great news is that your competitors likely are lagging behind as well.
This is a great time to get the jump on them.

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