There was a time when people built a website, ticked it off their to do list and never considered
the design or content of their website again. That time is long gone!
Today, you need to update your site several times a month, but also review the design of your
website every 6 months, Why?
Technology Changes
If your website was designed before the common use of Smart Phones or Tablets, then your site
may not be appearing properly for your visitors. Your website must be mobile responsive with a
design that makes it easy to use on the mobile devices.
User Friendly
There are teams who focus on user experience and ensure the end product is made in the best
way for the user. The concept applies to websites as much as anything else. This leads to new
designs being incorporated to current websites, and as time goes by, users get trained by
changes and expect things to work in a similar way on other websites.
Styles Change
If you are a child of the 80s who thought big hair, shoulder pads and blue eye shadow were
amazing, then you know that styles change. Your website may have looked good 2 years ago,
but it can quickly look dated if you are not careful.
4 Points why a new design is great
 It shows you are an active and growing business
 Google pays attention

 It’s good for social media
 Your users love to see something fresh and new
Who Should Review
Not you. You are too close to it all. You are used to seeing your site and you know why things
are laid out that way. And you may not see any other way to do it. Therefore, it is always good to
get independent advice. Ask someone you trust what their opinion is of your site. Does it look
dated? Is it easy to use?
We are happy to help. Send us a link to your site and we can share our thoughts with you to
ensure it still meets your business goals.
So set it in your calendar – review the design of your website every 6 months!

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