How Can You Make Your Business Social?

Many businesses are focused on ensuring they have the right documents, procedures, manuals etc, which are
definitely things each businesses needs to have, however you only need these things when you have a business
in which to use them. And what helps businesses grow? People, individuals and people from other businesses
that are willing to purchase your products or services. That is why the need for social media is so crucial in this
day and age. We as businesses need to somewhat shift the focus from those processes and procedures back
onto the people that make our business world go around.
So, how can you make your business social?
One important element for any small to medium business that has staff is to empower your staff and educate
them on the best way to spread the word of your business socially. Give them, within reason, the opportunity to
use social media on a daily basis provided that it is work related. Often, the biggest mistake people make with
social media is to be on social media all the time but not work it to the businesses advantage.
It is about identifying what goals you hope to achieve from the use of social media then finding and using the
right type of social media for your business. It is about connecting with the right people and providing the right
information to those people that will help your business to become more social and succeed in the social media
Here are some quick tips:
 Update your social media page with as much information about your business as possible
 Friend or connect with powerful users – by this we mean connect with people that are active on social media and
likely to share your information
 Friend or connect with your target market – don’t waste time talking to people that are not your target market
(careful not to discount everyone though!)
 Blog across other people’s page – be sure to blog useful and relevant information when doing this as you want
people to keep coming back not to consider you a spammer
 Remember to be social!! You don’t always have to talk about your business. Remember the name of the social
media game is engagement so engage your audience – maybe post a funny joke that you heard that day…
Some people may ask what social media platform is best for their business? Given that there are so many
different social media platforms it takes some working to ensure you chose the right one and SB Marketing
Solutions has a table to help you work with this, please contact us to receive your free copy. However a
general rule of thumb is if you are mainly dealing with the B2C marketing you should definitely be on Facebook
and if you are mainly dealing with B2B you should definitely be on Linked In. But that’s for another post…

If you have any questions regarding this or anything else marketing, please contact us via our contact form on
our website.

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