Google Alerts!

Many companies have not yet realised the fantastic benefits of Google Alerts. Google Alerts are an excellent and
time effective way of monitoring the web for interesting, up-to-date and topical content. Google Alerts are a great
tool for keeping on top of topics that may impact your business, including product or service updates or
information on your competitors.
What is a Google Alert?

To put it simply, Google Alerts are email updates based on the content found on Google. The material of these
updates is based on specific queries chosen based on your needs. For example, as the head of a company who
may regularly be featured throughout the media, you may choose to use Google Alerts to monitor what is said
about yourself. This is a great way to make sure you are on top of everything that is written about you, or written
to be said by you, maintaining your integrity and ensuring positive things are written about you and your
Google Alerts can be filtered by result type, depending on your chosen topics. You can chose to receive alerts
from news sources, blogs, videos, discussions, books, or a combination of all of these outlets. Furthermore, you
can choose how often you receive these alerts, as they happen, once a day or once a week, and whether you
want all results, or only the best results.
Google Alerts are great not only for business purposes. They are a simple and effective way of keeping updated
and monitoring a developing news story, keeping up-to-date on a competitor or industry, getting the latest on a
celebrity or event, and keeping tabs on your favourite sports teams.
For more information on Google Alerts, and how it can help your business stay on top of important topics, contact
SB Marketing Solutions today.

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