Email Marketing

Email marketing helps you ensure that that your products and services are front of mind

Building strong relationships with consumers is the fundamentals to good marketing. By communicating and keeping in touch with your database, you are ensuring that that your products and services are front of mind.

For most companies, the best return on investment comes from email marketing

Why is email marketing the way to go? You and your team can often take care of maintaining and building client relationships, direct mail campaigns or hosting an event. However, often these types of marketing campaigns are expensive, time consuming and can’t be measured proficiently.

Email marketing is, however, the most economical campaign. It costs less and delivers more results because of the targeting abilities.

Fast campaign implementation speed - get results quickly

Email marketing can be implemented in days, it can be targeted to reduce costs and increase the potential results, whilst providing real time measurement. Because of its high level Return On Investment (ROI) it can be implemented more frequently, which means you can maintain communication with your customer base, however small or large they may be.

Own your digital assets

Unlike social media, you can't lose your email contacts. As many people have experienced, Facebook and other social platforms have significantly eroded the reach you now get when posting to your followers (it's often as low as 2% !!).

Don't be forced by Facebook, Google or anybody else to continually spend money on advertising

Cultivate and nurture your email database and you can increase your interaction and sales without having to spend money on advertising to keep getting results.

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