CRM Systems & Customer Loyalty

John Given, director of SmallBusiness Essentials, believes that customer loyalty has become more significant
than ever. John has provided SB Marketing Solutions with his top 4 tips to follow for customer loyalty. These are:

  1. Improve your initial contact:  At beginning stages of contact with a customer or client, more is required than
    simply usual pleasantries. Take the time to put some effort into offering a personalised message during initial

contact. Another tip is to use their first name on as many occasions as possible and remember you can only
make a first impression once. Try and make the conversation about them and not just you.

  1. Get the right people on your team: The right employees make all the difference as a good product is only
    half your service. Finding staff that will go the extra mile to make customers happy makes all the difference with
  2. Get feedback: Asking for feedback allows for improvement on your business’ services or products. Checking
    feedback responses provides your business with information on what customers need. When time is spent on
    improving your feedback channels, customers are aware that your business cares about what they think. Even at
    the conclusion of a successful project send out a questionnaire not just to asking for ego stroking positives but in
    how you can do even better next time. It always helps to send a few Gold Class movie tickets as a thank you
  3. Invest in a CRM System: Investing in a CRM system is the best method of storing, recording and following up
    with your customers. By using a CRM system, you are sure to never misplace customer information, or forget
    points of contact.
    For more information on CRM systems contact SmallBusiness Essentials by clicking here

Get your business blogging
When first beginning a blog for your business there are important things to take into consideration. Because there
are many different ways to use a blog space, you must firstly decide what you want your blog’s purpose to be.
Once the purpose of your blog is determined, there are other things to keep in mind in order to start a successful
blog. These include:

  • What audience are you aiming for?
  • What do you want your audience to get out of reading your blog?
  • Do you want to begin discussions through your blog topic?
  • How will you connect with your audience through your blog?
  • What sort of a voice, or persona do you want to create through your blog?
  • How do you want your blog received, that is, do you want it to be serious, fun, or witty?
  • How can you keep your blog newsworthy without reciting things that people may already know?
    By taking these simple things into consideration, it will become easier to come up with blog topics. The most
    important thing to remember when writing a regular blog, however, is to always maintain the same tone. For this
    reason, it is good to assign one person to continuously write the blogs. This way, your audience is able to
    connect with this persona by being familiar with his/her style of writing, humor and particular opinion on things.
    For more information on the best ways to get your business blogging, and for more handy tips and tricks-
     contact Growthworx.
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