Communications is a vital part of any marketing plan as it is the best way to ‘communicate’ your business across multiple channels.

Getting consistent positive exposure for your business

The communications industry consists of a variety of avenues, including public relations, advertising and media production, all aimed primarily at one thing- constant and consistent exposure.

Communications is an important strategy for every business

Communications is an important strategy as it is an opportunity not only to gain exposure for your business, but to also build, maintain and repair relationships with stakeholders, clients and the general community.

We specialise in communications and the art of writing to persuade and influence

At Growthworx, our communications team specialises not only in communications tools and strategies, but also in the art of writing.

Our communications team consists of gifted writers who are very experienced in writing fun and informative blogs, writing educational and well researched articles, conducting serious interviews, creating case studies, and producing newsworthy articles- all essential features in communications services.

Advertising and Public Relations as Communications tools

Many business owners only recognise Advertising and Public Relations as Communications tools, leaving out fundamental communication strategies that can enable growth of their businesses.

A range of communications services worthwhile for any business

This being the case, Growthworx has perfected a range of communications services worthwhile for any business. These services enable employers and employees to focus more on their products and/or services, while Growthworx takes care of the communications needs.

Our communications services include:

1. Copy and content creation

2. Internal communications

3. Annual reports

4. Email marketing

5. Guest posting

6. Press release creation

7. Press release distribution and publication


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