Branding – A Long Term Marketing Strategy!

Branding isn’t a recent term. Consider when you buy lunch. Which drink are you the most familiar with? The
answer for most people is Coca-Cola. But what makes you purchase Coca-Cola and not Pepsi, especially if they
are right next to each other? Although not very clear to most people, the answer is branding. Coca-Cola has
been branding itself for decades, and while it may be a slower process than most marketing strategies, it is
nevertheless effective.
Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations work hand in hand to achieve such results with branding, however,
branding isn’t always about seeing a great difference in sales. Rather, it is focused on creating a good ‘brand
name’, so that your business, product or service stands out above the rest. Many people do not realize that poor
branding is a contributing problem for businesses long term strategies.
It is rare today to find a niche business that has a strong market pool. Therefore, amongst today’s cluttered
marketplace, it can be difficult to establish a business or brand name. Many consumers can’t, or don’t have the
time to research into what company or product is best suited to them, therefore they mostly rely on previous
exposure to branding. This at times may be a subconscious decision, but that is the aim of good branding.
Unlike call to action marketing, branding isn’t primarily concerned with competing against other products or
brands for your target market to achieve an instantaneous sale. It is more about establishing yourself with a wider
audience who may need your product or service sometime in the future. As mentioned, this may be a longer
process than most, but it is an important aspect that many businesses overlook. While aiming at prospective
clients, branding also re-establishes your business with current customers and/or clients, essentially hitting two
birds with one stone.
The best way to begin the branding process is to properly define and meticulously build your brand name. Once
this is complete there are some minor changes that can be made to continue the development of the brand.
These changes include:

  • An update of the business logo and/or website
  • Re-do business cards for a new feel
  • Create an email signature for all employees
  • Standardise emails throughout the business
  • Put the business logo on the businesses cars
    While they may look simple enough, these few changes will completely revamp the entire business. The changes
    are a way of attracting new clients, but also showing existing consumers that the business is concerned with
    keeping updated and on track.
    There are also larger scale strategies that can be implemented to start branding a business. These usually
    require professionals in advertising, marketing and/or public relations to make sure they are applied properly.
    While standard, paid advertising may seem like the best method in branding, it is only a basic strategy used by
    the majority of business. To ensure that you are branding properly and using strategies unlike the rest,
    visit our website to see what strategies we can implement to
    begin significant branding for your business.
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