8 traffic statistics for eCommerce website in 2021 1

8 traffic statistics for eCommerce website in 2021

You need to know some key factors that can boost organic traffic on your e-commerce website. Here are 8 traffic statistics for eCommerce websites in 2021.

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7 Ways to Increase a User’s Average Time on a Page

People are visiting your website but are they staying long enough? Visitors entering your website but leaving without any form of interaction can happen because of different reasons: They didn’t find the information they were looking for.The site isn’t as engaging as it should be.The site took too long to load. This doesn’t have to…

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How To Ensure You Do Not Miss The Mobile Website Revolution?

Our recent statistics from our current user base suggest that in many cases there has been a 100% increase in mobile traffic on average over the last 12 months. These clients are not in the tech space. They are businesses like yours in beauty, travel & accommodation, finance etc etc… Some of them are already…

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5 reasons why your website must be optimised for mobile!

Morgan Stanley predicts that by 2014 Internet browsing from mobile devices will have a greater volume than that from desktop devices. Some of those mobile devices will, of course be tablet devices, however, the vast majority will be mobile devices. Predominantly Smartphones. What Do Mobile Internet Users Do? They use social media. They play games….

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Branding – A Long Term Marketing Strategy!

Branding isn’t a recent term. Consider when you buy lunch. Which drink are you the most familiar with? The answer for most people is Coca-Cola. But what makes you purchase Coca-Cola and not Pepsi, especially if they are right next to each other? Although not very clear to most people, the answer is branding. Coca-Cola has…

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The Group Buying Phenomenon!

It’s no secret that the group buying phenomenon has taken the world by storm & Australia is no different. Daily Deals websites by now are a dime a dozen, but does that mean that they are no longer effective? In our opinion, no it doesn’t. What it does mean for your business, however, is that…

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