Bridge Bobcat get a better return on marketing efforts with Growthworx

Previously, the local earth-moving business used a web brochure site that they shared with a handful of other businesses. This gave them a diluted brand presence compared to having their own domain name.

Melbourne digital agency, GrowthWorx, worked with Bridge Bobcat to create a modern site that was user friendly and mobile responsive. All on the logically branded domain of

Mick Sands, Owner of Bridge Bobcat, said, “We love the new website. It’s so easy for our customers to access on their mobiles compared to the old site. And I am very pleased our annual fees are half of what they used to be.”

“It was common many years ago for businesses to be grouped together on a shared domain as this was good for the web developers,” noted James Hassan, Director of Technology and Experience at Growthworx. “But it has an impact on the brand and today businesses are better off with their own domain name to drive more traffic to their website through SEO.”

“We are happy to have helped Bridge Bobcat with their site.”
Visit the new website at

Better return on marketing

Thanks to the new website and SEO work Bridge Bobcat have massively improved their ROI on their marketing spend. Only 3 months after the launch of their new website they now get twice as many online enquiries and 10 times more website traffic.

About Bridge Bobcat:

Bridge Bobcat is highly experienced and skilled team which services councils, builders and local residents alike. From levelling shed sites to profiling roads, they have all the equipment needed for your earthmoving projects. Small clean ups, building, landscaping, road maintenance and more.

As a Husband and wife team, Bridge Bobcat pride themselves on the little extras they offer customers. You will get personalised serviced and job satisfaction with Bridge Bobcat.

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