Annual Reports

Your Annual Report plays an important function in communicating your company, and as a comprehensive report on your business activities throughout the previous year.

At Growthworx, we don’t just see Annual Reports to simply cover a company’s accomplishments, but rather we feel they should be used as a marketing tool and serve as a form of self advertisement to clients, stakeholders, as well as the general community. An annual report may include:

 Corporate Social Responsibility
 Financial reports
 Forward thinking, such as business growth and development
 Business History
 Business functions and events
 Reports from the Chairman, CEO and Board of Directors
 And an introduction and reminder as to what the benefits of your company is and why your stakeholders are your

These all work together to bring clients a complete review on what your company has accomplished. It is also an opportunity to present your company’s future goals, allowing for stakeholders to begin to become involved in the process.

At Growthworx, we provide a full Annual Report service. The team at Growthworx is skilled in both the Marketing and Communications industries, bringing you the best of both worlds.

As experienced copy writers, we conduct staff, client and employer interviews, gather research, and work together with you and your staff to create a professional, cohesive and well-written annual report- projecting your businesses strengths.

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