Achieve consistent branding across social media

You want to make your business as easy to find on-line as possible. One
way to do this is to try and secure the same username or unique url for as
many social networking sites as possible.
If you are lucky enough to have a unique name, this may not be hard. But
for most of us you will find that someone may have beaten you to your
username of choice, and you may have to do some creative name
changing to get something similar, relevant and memorable.
Luckily there is a handy web tool that helps with this task and saves you
from having to log onto individual sites. It is called

Type your desired name into the search bar and it will instantly show with a
green tick which sites have your name available.
If you are getting a large number of red crosses, particularly for the most
common sites I recommend trying different combinations of multiple words
or added letters until you find something suitable and available.
Since Mediafit is taken on some social media sites, we have chosen to use
the similar name bemediafit on some sites.
If you don’t have a long business name it is best to try and get a non
abbreviated version of your business name in your social media url. For
example by adding “be” to the front of “mediafit” it is better for search
engine optimisation (SEO) purposes.
Even if you only use Facebook for now. It’s worth securing the username or
unique url on other popular sites too. It stops other people or businesses
using the name in a negative way and you never know if in the future your
business will need it.

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