7 rules to writing a great fitness website About page

A potential client has just stumbled across your website or blog post. They
like your content and are curious to discover more about the person behind
the words.
So, what’s the next thing they do?
That’s right. They head over to your “About” page.
The About page is one of the most clicked pages on most websites.
It’s important your About page doesn’t just communicate the facts about
you. It should resonate with the reader and ideally prompt them to take
Follow these 7 rules to ensure people choose
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  1. Consider how you want readers to feel
    Think about why you’re writing an About page and how you want the
    reader to feel when their finished reading it.
    Start by writing down a 3-5 guiding words describing how you want
    someone to feel about you, after reading your About page. E.g. Inspired,
    informed, relaxed, supported, etc.
    Then use these words to guide the style, tone, language and design. Make
    a point to reflect back upon these words throughout the process of writing
    and editing your About page. Do the words you have written reflect the
    feelings you want clients to feel?
  2. Start with the client’s needs
    Don’t risk losing a reader’s attention early by leading with facts about you
    and your business. Facts alone don’t persuade.
    The sad truth you need to quickly learn when writing for the web is that…
    Most people don’t care about you… They care about themselves!
    Customers care about the solutions and benefits that you can provide
    them. So make this really clear quickly. Like within the first couple of
  3. Tell your story, but keep it brief
    Few people want to read a long list of chronological facts about you and
    your business.
    Instead try to cover a few of these points, but in a brief and interesting way.
     Share your values – Tell people who you are and what you believe.
     Tell the story of your professional journey – Explain how you got to
    where you are today.
     Tell people how you can help them –Be specific (in a brief way) and
    link to your services.
     Show your clients achievements – Use client case studies, before
    and after photos and testimonials to add credibility.
    Free Bonus: Need help writing your fitness About page?
    Get our 5 section formula to write an ABOUT page that converts.
  4. Don’t make it boring
    It can be tempting to add buzz words like “We provide cutting edge fitness
    solution.” But let’s be honest… what does that even mean?
    Instead of writing your About page like a boring academic writing task, try
    to minimise technical jargon, use plain language and a conversational tone.
    Think about how you would tell your story to someone if you were speaking
    face-to-face for the first time. A good way to get started is to record your
    story speaking into your smartphone, then write up the best bits.
    The more personality you show the more likely readers will connect with
  5. Add credibility
    How can you reassure potential clients that everything you say and offer is
    true? Try to add a few of the following elements for added credibility.
     Add a real photo of yourself (preferably making eye contact)
     Include one or two testimonials with photos
     Provide a case study or client before and after photos
     Add links to any featured “Media” articles
     Include a brief summary of your qualifications
  6. Capture leads
    Decide the single primary action you want visitors to take when reading
    your about page.
    Do you want someone to…
     Subscribe to your email list
     View your services
     Fill in a contact form
     Follow you on social media?
     Share the page with friends?
    Choose one action to focus your About page around.
  7. Never stop tweaking
    A great “About” page should be a work in progress.
    Whenever you add expertise, have great success with your clients, change
    locations or get constructive feedback… update your About Us page.
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