5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Use Tiktok For

What essentially started as a platform where teenagers merely lip-synced to popular songs has now become a force to be reckoned with. Tiktok has become a hub for businesses to connect with their customers globally and with approximately 700 million active users on a monthly basis, it has become a platform that marketers can no longer ignore. Listed below are five reasons why your business should use TikTok marketing, if it doesn’t already do so:

1.       It allows you to be creative

The majority of content posted on Tiktok is light and entertaining. People express their creativity in various ways on Tiktok and your company could do the same irrespective of the type of product you sell or whether you are involved in B2B or B2C selling. Users on social media love it when brands engage with them in meaningful ways. When companies maintain a presence on social media platforms it makes them appear more human and authentic and hence your company should use Tiktok to reach its true potential.

2.       It allows you to reach a wide audience quickly

Tiktok allows companies to reach a wide audience quickly given its current statistics with over 2 billion downloads in smartphones and 700 million monthly active users. Users around the world use the platform and hence in addition to reaching a wide audience quickly, businesses and companies can reach users from all around the world.

3.       It features tons of influencers

The great thing about Tiktok is that absolutely any video or trend can become viral. Tiktok is known to popularize new music, new talent and new trends simply by the power of its influencers. This is due to the platform’s huge number of influencers and active content creators. You can either opt for a worldwide strategy and look for influencers with a global following, or target a particular region or country and look for influencers with a high following and popularity in that region.

4.       It allows you to repurpose content

Tiktok allows marketers to repurpose content by allowing them to share content posted on their profile on other platforms. For instance, a video posted on a company’s Tiktok page can be shared on other platforms like Instagram. Companies can also download those videos and share them elsewhere such as in a PR email or on their YouTube page. Since most companies try to follow integrated marketing communications, it is a requirement on their part that they post the same content across all platforms and hence this feature of Tiktok is very welcomed.

5.       It has versatile ad formats

Tiktok has a variety of ad formats that are very versatile in nature. Some of these formats include top view ads which are ads that pop up approximately 5 seconds after a user opens Tiktok and these can be 60 seconds long; Brand takeover ads which are similar to top view ads but are unskippable; In-feed ads which are ads you see inside your TikTok feed which can be upto 15 seconds long and appear on the For You page; and branded lenses which are similar to Snapchat lenses and can feature 3D objects, face filters or other trending effects.

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