Growth Worx | Analytics
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The Numbers tell the story. Whether it’s gathering, generating, analysing, conceptualising, forecasting or reporting, Growth Worx can give you the insights you need.


Understanding Market Opportunities

Many of our clients already know who their audience is, but just want to understand them better. Some clients need help determining who they should be having a conversation with in general. A few even learn about a whole new market they can speak to, thanks to the help of well planned research.


Web Analytics

To ensure you are getting the most out of your online investment, we must measure the success of online advertising, traffic to your site, who is visiting you, what they are searching and where they are coming from.

Tracking the traffic on your website can help you formulate a new strategy, or tweak a current marketing plan.

Analysing the numbers around the success of your online advertising campaign will increase the success of your future advertising efforts.

Web analytics is the measurement of internet data that helps to not only determine details about your web traffic, but can also be used as a form of market research to improve business efficiencies.


Off­site and on­site web analytics

Off­site web analytics is a measurement system that determines how visible a website is, how much attention web surfers are paying to it through traffic and comments, and gives out hints as to who potential future customers might be.

This type of measurement is also useful in determining what your competitors are doing to gain online business success.


Google analytics

This is the most commonly used analytics tool to generate data about a website’s traffic and performance. Basic Google Analytics are available for free. We will make sure you are setup to get the details and how you can analyse them yourself.

Alternatively, we can provide you a regular report (weekly, fortnightly, monthly) highlighting the valuable information gained by Google Analytics from your website.

We want to enable brands to understand what is happening online, and then take that market research to the next level to better inform their communication strategies.